Divya Kit Course

Detoxification And Ayurvedic Divya Kit

Detoxification And Ayurveda Divya Kit Course, Every spring season, when you open your windows, you see the trees shed their leaves, known as “Spring Cleaning,” which means trees also clean themselves. But do you ever think about this “spring cleaning” in your body?

Divya Kit Course

Detoxifying in the spring season is an essential part of the seasonal ayurvedic routine, called Ritucharya. Spring season is the Kapha season because the wet and cold weather reflects the cool, moist, and dense qualities of Kapha dosha that predominate during springtime.

Biologically, nature supports the cleansing of our body in spring weather. The digestive fire is high in winters, and people tend to eat more sweet and fatty food. Most of the time, our body cannot digest these fatty foods, so “AMA” (the toxic product of indigestion) starts accumulating.

Just as the warm weather melts snow on the mountains in the spring, the spring season has similar effects on your body. Ama melts in spring, and the volume of Ama becomes so huge that the Shrotas, or microcirculatory channels of our body, become clogged.

Symptoms of Excessive Toxins in the Body

Toxins accumulate in your body with the time you may feel headaches, dizziness, mild tremors in the limbs, and muscle aches, especially in the calf region. Your tongue may be coated(white or yellow coat), and your throat becomes sore.

If you don’t assist these toxins in expelling your body, you can become prone to flu, colds and cough, and allergies. You may feel fatigued, sluggish, or sleepy after lunch, or may lose your appetite.

Detoxification And Ayurvedic Divya Kit

Your skin can be less radiant, heavier, more oily. You might also find that your skin breaks out more often and more prone to sunburn, and you have dry patches on your skin.

Spring is the best season for detoxification of your body because nature is also cleansing itself. It is the right time to help your body detoxify the channels and the dhatus (body tissues) efficiently.

Helping Your Body To Detoxify

But, how to detoxify your body? The Shuddhi Ayurveda has a range of products that are good for purifying and cleansing the entire body. While most detox ayurvedic products purify only the colon and the digestive tract, the Shuddhi Divya Kit Course can do much more like the liver and blood cleansing, the sweat glands, and the organs of elimination. Further, these products prevent toxins’ buildup in the fat and muscle tissues and open the channels for more energy, health, and vitality of the body, mind, and soul.

Detoxification with Ayurvedic Divya Kit

Kapha-pacifying diet and lifestyle are best and should be opted by you. Suppose you want to avoid fatty, cold, hard-to-digest foods and reduce the sweet, sour, and salty foods. In that case, your digestive system will be more efficient in eliminating the accumulated Ama.

Also, sweet fruits and their juice can help cleanse the body, although they should be eaten before sunset, as they have a Kapha-increasing effect after the sunset. And you can also add spices to your food like coriander, cumin, turmeric, and fennel to stimulate the digestion and detoxification process.

You can sip hot water (if you have a Pitta imbalance, then drink warm water) to help melt away the Ama (digestive impurities or toxins) accumulated in your body. Daily exercise, an active lifestyle, and avoiding day-sleep will also help.

For overall detoxification daily, Divya Kit Course helps you improve your elimination and clear away toxins from your colon and intestines. These products also cleanse the liver, skin, and blood. Thus, the Divya Kit is recommended for everyone as it has no side-effects.

Unlike the other detox products in the market, Shuddhi Divya Kit has the unique capability to detoxify the body and pacify the Pitta simultaneously. It is specially designed for individuals who tend to have more toxins accumulated in the body due to fast food in the diet and emotional stress.

Other Specific Detoxification Products

Other Shuddhi Ayurveda products help to remove toxins from specific areas of your body. 32 Herbs Tea is a gentle but effective herbal formulation to improve the body’s metabolism and detoxify the body organs.

Divya Kit Course helps purify and balance the body internally and maintains proper blood flow. It also helps in maintaining Aura & Chakra. So why not you think about how to perform your body’s cleansing and detoxification?




Ayurvedic Divya Kit is the top natural & Ayurvedic product that helps in digestion, increases immunity, detoxify the body, and helps in balancing the hormones.

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Divya kit

Divya kit

Ayurvedic Divya Kit is the top natural & Ayurvedic product that helps in digestion, increases immunity, detoxify the body, and helps in balancing the hormones.

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